Signal Generator Feeltech FY6600-60M 60MHZ

Signal Generator Feeltech FY6600-60M 60MHZ

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Generator sinyal FY6600-60Mhz dari Feeltech
Model ini rentang frekuensi sampai 60MHz (versi paling tinggi)

FeelTech FY6600-60M 60MHZ Digital Control, Dual Channel, DDS Function, Signal Generator, EU Arbitrary Frequency Meter
1. Adopt DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) technology and provide stable, accurate, pure and weak distortion signals.
2.4" TFT color LCD screen with 320*240 resolution, simultaneously display CH1 and CH2 settings and graphics.
3. Use a high speed 14 bit N / A conversion chip (the output quantification error of 5 Vpp is less than 1 mV), a sample rate of 250 Mpa / s and a vertical resolution of 14 bits.
4.You can generate up to 97 groups of arbitrary functions/signals: 33 groups of preset signals and 64 groups of user-defined signals.

Frequency Parameters
Sine Wave Range: 0Hz~60MHz
Triangle Wave: 0Hz~10MHz
Ramp Pulse Wave: 0Hz~10MHz
Arbitrary Waveform: 0Hz~10MHz
Min. Pulse Width: 20ns(Pulse wave minimum width of all models can reach 20ns).
Min. Resolution: 1 μHz.
Frequency Accuracy: +/-20ppm
Frequency stability: +/-1ppm/3 hours.

Waveform Parameters
Waveform Types: Sine, Square (Duty Cycle adjustable), Pulse (Pulse width and cycle time can be set accurately), Triangle/Ramp, Sawtooth Wave, CMOS, Four channels TTL, DC, Half wave, Full wave, Positive Step, Inverse Step, Positive Exponent, Inverse Exponent, Lorenz form other sets Pulse, Multitone, Noise, ECG, Trapezoider-Pulse, Nausse
Waveform Length: 8192 points * 14 bits.
Sampling Rate: 250MSa/s
Vertical resolution: 14 bits.
Sine: Harmonic Suppression: ≥50dBc(<1MHz); ≥45dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% (20Hz~20kHz,0dBm)
Square: Rise/Fall Time: ≤7ns(VPP<5V)
Overshoot: ≤5%
Duty Cycle: 0.01%~99.99% (Resolution 0.01%)
Sawtooth Wave: Linearity >99% (0.01Hz~10kHz)

Output Parameters
Amplitude(VPP): Frequency≤10MHz 10MHz20MHz
1mVpp~20Vpp 1mVpp~10Vpp 1mVpp~5Vpp
Resolution: 1mV.
Amplitude stability: +/-0.5%/5 hours.
Flatness range: +/-2.5% (<10MHz); +/-5% (>10MHz)
Waveform Output:
Impedance: 50Ω +/-10% (Typical)
Protection: All channels can work within 60s under load short-circuit condition.
DC Offset
Offset Range: Frequency≤20MHz: +/-10V; Frequency>20MHz: +/-2.5V
Offset Resolution: 1mV
Phase Parameters
Phase range: 0~359.99°.
Phase Resolution: 0.01°

Package includes:
1 x DDS Signal Generator
1 x CD
1 x power cable.
1 x USB Data Cable.
1 x BNC-BNC cable.
2 x BNC-Clip Cable
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