JUAL Cornet ED88T Plus Tri-mode RF LF EMF E-Field Electrosmog Gauss Meter

JUAL Cornet ED88T Plus Tri-mode RF LF EMF E-Field Electrosmog Gauss Meter
Cornet ED88T Plus Tri-mode RF LF EMF E-Field Electrosmog Gauss Meter
Cornet Electrosmog Meter
Tri-mode RF/LF Electrosmog Field Strength Power Meter Model No. ED-88TPlus
with build-in Gauss Meter function, Electric Field meter, Frequency display
and Data Logging/recording/USB interface to PC

Advanced communication and Network solutions
Affordable, Pocket Size, Handheld, High performance
EMF/RF/LF Meter!

Unique, handy tool for your personal Electromagnetic wave exposure detection and level measurement. Highly sensitive and Accurate indicators for your defense of RF and LF radiation pollutions.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) is always around our environment.
You can measure the amount of EMF around your home,  office,  children's school, etc!

The Cornet ED88TPlus is designed for quick measurement of high-frequency Radio Frequency power density and low frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields. The ED88TPlus is a broadband measuring instrument with a frequency range from 100 MHz to 8 GHz. In addition, it also measures low-frequency Magnetic Fields ranging from 50Hz to 10kHz and low-frequency Electric Fields ranging from 50 Hz to 50 kHz. This meter will give a home or business owner a basic understanding of RF and EMF exposure in their environment and help to identify the primary sources of electro-pollution in an environment. 

High-frequency RF Electromagnetic wave field strength and power density measurement
Low-frequency LF Magnetic field measurement (Gauss meter function)
Low-frequency ELF Electric field measurement (E-field meter function)
Mobile phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement
Wireless communications, Analog & Digital RF (AM/FM, TDMA, GSM, DECT, CDMA,3G,4G)
RF power measurement for transmitters
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, Ultra-wide-band detection, installation, optimization
Spy camera, wireless bug finder 5.8GHz wireless, Utilities AC smart meter
Cellular/Cordless phone radiation safety level
AC power line, High voltage tower, power Transformer, motors

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